“Be The Change You Want To See In The World” Mahatma Gandhi

Ficus Tree School


Our education program consists of working through specialized areas, developing the concepts that correspond to each level of: language, science, social, environmental exploration, and math. We complement the material with other activities that favor childhood development such as physical education, music, movement expression, computer, workshops, and sports clubs. And extra activities such as science fair, book fair, arts and educational field trips, and family days as well.


Our Mission

We are a private, bilingual education center with an Innovative Education Project, offering grades preschool through primary.

We have a responsibility to our students and families to provide children with an integrative development, strong values, and the reinforcement of study habits, work, and coexistence to form an excellent academic and personal life, and preparing to make goals for future study and life.

Our vision

To be the first choice for families in Costa Rica, guaranteeing excellence in academics, emotional maturity, and education in values necessary for the future of children in a modern world. A school recognized socially for its quality education, results, and constant innovation and openness to society.

Meet The New Ficus Tree Staff

Ficus Tree School Teacher 02

Cecilia Álavarez

Ficus Tree School Teacher 06

Emanuel Calvo

Ficus Tree School Teacher 01

Hannah Glenn

Ficus Tree School Teacher 07

José Arguedas