To guarantee effective learning, we limit the enrollment by classroom from 6 children to a maximum of 15, in this way it is more feasible to perform correct individual and personalized attention, depending on the grade level.

Our registration process is available from the month of November of each year.


You can complete the form with your information, choosing to send it by email or deliver it in person.

In addition to the form, you must attach the following documents to formalize the registration:

  1. A passport-sized photo
  2. Copy of passport or ID
  3. Copy of birth certificate
  4. Copy of current immunization acts
  5. Copy of student accident insurance


  • The mandatory registration fee to register your child is 200,000 Colones.
  • The cost of registration in January is 100,000 Colones.
  • The cost of enrollment from February to December is 200,000 Colones per month.
  • Monthly tuition must be paid within the first 5 days of each month.

School supplies:

The list of supplies to be purchased will be delivered at the time of registration, as for uniforms and books; these can be purchased directly at school.

Don’t hesitate; a bilingual person has more opportunities and possibilities for success in their personal and work life.

Education in its early years is the perfect opportunity for your child to learn a new language, and Ficus Tree is the most qualified private school to choose from.