Friday, July 21, 2017
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Multi-Sensorial Program

Our idea of a multi-sensorial program arises in our attempt to address children in a comprehensive manner, respecting the learning styles of each one of them. We all learn differently and usually privilege one or some senses when receiving the information that is given to us. Traditional teaching emphasizes the vision and hearing, leaving relegated the senses of smell, touch, taste and sense of propioception (which informs us of our own movements, balance and muscle structure). We have started this program with specific activities that will stimulate more in depth these 4 senses as well as a Multi-sensory approach which will be integrated with the already sensory Montessori curriculum.

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Some of our new additions:

Aromatherapy: will be included in our daily routine, a set of essential oils will be in each classroom. Teachers have received special training in this area.

Tactile Stimulation: a box with multiple tactile stimuli will be available in each classroom to incorporate different textures to the academic activities. Apart from this box, teachers will create and stimulate with different materials and incorporating them in the academic program.

Yoga: is now a daily activity (apart from the weekly class) in which children will learn one yoga pose per day. This technique can be used at anytime of the day, when relaxation is needed or simply to recover balance or focus.

Taste: We will explore together with the children the different characteristics of food, including various textures and guiding them to incorporate the concept of healthy foods, helping them to discern and chose.

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