Friday, July 21, 2017
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Montessori at the preschool

We consider ourselves to be a Montessori-enriched School. What this means is that we use this method of education and philosophy to improve our school curriculum and focus on the development of the whole child in all areas of life, which is basically what Dr. Maria Montessori – founder of this approach - supported throughout her life as an educator.

This method supports the idea that children possess an innate desire to explore, discover and learn and, by giving them the necessary tools, they will develop a life-long love for learning. This is what we look for in our teaching practices and we believe that the Montessori approach to learning gives children the opportunity to be inspired and achieve personal development in an interesting and encouraging way. Montessori is designed to meet all curriculum areas such as Math, Science, Language Arts, etc.

This method guarantees exposure to materials and experiences to develop intelligence as well as physical and psychological abilities.

It is designed to take full advantage of the self-motivation and unique ability of children to develop their own capabilities. Our preschool program is now working with a full Montessori program and our Elementary school is using its approaches, materials and philosophy and combining it with our personalised curriculum.

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Four primary elements of the Montessori Method include:

Self-Learning: children develop self-learning skills if given the right tools and environment and based on their emotional and personal self.

Use of Hands-on Materials: Montessori’s materials are made to fit each child’s needs and to help children gain hands-on first-hand concrete knowledge to later understand more easily the abstract concepts. All materials are self-correcting so that children can learn from their own errors and teachers can act more as guides than authoritative or teaching figures.

Individualized Education: Montessori respects the fact that everyone is different and therefore everyone learns differently and at their own pace. The motivation to learn comes from within and the child will receive their own self-reward of growth. The teacher works one-on-one with student’s providing them with new lessons as their skills are developing.

Classroom Environment: A Montessori classroom should be beautiful, orderly and so inviting that the child cannot resist exploring. All materials and activities are in the child´s reach at their level. Within this environment the child will be free to explore and with this freedom comes responsibility.

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