Friday, July 21, 2017
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ESL Program

Our two-way bilingual program aims to fill the expectations of both our Spanish-speaking families and English-speaking families. Having basically two different native language speaking students (Spanish and English) we have integrated both languages as a second-language in our school curriculum.

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Although our language of instruction is English, we integrate the Spanish in our daily routines and academic program. All our age groups are exposed to a bilingual approach throughout the day.

This approach is focused on oral expression, comprehension and language skills and is supervised by Native speakers teachers. Only when students reach the 1st grade level, is when they begin to be introduced to formal reading and writing in Spanish.

Taking advantage of our mixed-language staff we have created a two-way bilingual program which fits the needs of our families and ensures that our students are exposed to positive cross-cultural attitudes and behaviors and develop high levels of proficiency in both languages.
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