Friday, August 18, 2017
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Welcome To Ficus Tree School

New school


Ficus Tree School was founded in September 2007 and since day one our main goal has been to create a nurturing, healthy and personal environment for our families. We have gradually opened all pre-school levels on 2014 our elementary program which just opened our 4th grade level in 2014! We will gradually open year by year all our elementary grades up until 6th.

All of our staff is qualified and carefully chosen not only for their professional background and experience but also for their connection with our philosophy and way of teaching. We want to inspire children the love for learning and we believe we can achieve this by presenting them with prepared opportunities to discover their natural abilities and interests.

We are a Montessori-enriched school and we combine this educational approach with other philosophies and practices that we believe go in hand with this exceptional learning method. Our preschool program now offers a fully Montessori 1-3 and 3-6 program and our Elementary is continuously being enriched with the Montessori philosophy and its use of materials.

All our classrooms are carefully prepared in order to create a peaceful and motivating environment with hands-on materials and activities which enhance curiosity and exploration.

Our teaching method is centered on three values which we consider are the foundation for the development of exceptional human beings: respect for self, respect for others and respect for all living creatures. In emphasizing these values we believe that children can develop the qualities of the heart, mind and body needed for a rich and fulfilling life.


Our Mission
    • To promote academic excellence and joy of learning through a quality, bilingual education focused on meeting the individual needs of each child.
    • To help each child develop their full potential by providing challenging, multi-disciplinary learning experiences designed to foster curiosity and to inspire creative thinking.
Our Philosophy
    • We believe that a caring learning and prepared environment promotes a respectful and peaceful relationship with self and others.
    • In such an environment, each child is able to develop those qualities of the heart, mind and body that will become the foundation for an ethical and responsible bond with nature and the world.

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