Friday, July 21, 2017
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Science / Environmental

Environmental Education is an important part of our school curriculum. We are constantly trying and innovating so that this concept is not just part of our philosophy but a constantly changing and proactive program with concrete and real activities which the students can actually participate and be part of.

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We want our Science/Environmental curriculum to be more than just a learning concept; we want it to be an introduction to a new and more conscious way of life.

Following a yearly program, children will go through various eco-conscious related themes, such as recycling, respect for living creatures, reforestation, practical actions and more. This program will be reinforced through various activities inside and outside the school, as well as different didactic material. By participating in group activities as well as individual actions, students will gradually take in these important messages into their daily lives.

We believe that this Program can actually influence and make enormous difference in the future lives of our students and therefore, contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable and ecological Planet. We feel that we, as educators, have the responsibility to pass on this important way of thinking and living to our students, as early as possible. This vital awareness should become part of their daily lives.

Our main objectives are that our students turn into conscious, responsible and respectful human beings, who understand and have the knowledge of today´s world problems in order to try to find ways to solve them. Instead of being the problem, they can be the problem solvers.

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