Friday, July 21, 2017
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Preschool Program (3.4 – 6.3 yrs)

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“Teach by teaching, not by correcting” - Maria Montessori

In the preschool program we aim to continue the personal growth of every student and prepare him/her for the upcoming more academic demands. In these levels there are no papers returned to a child with red marks and corrections. Instead, the child's effort and work are respected. There is neither punishment nor reward because Dr Montessori observed that small children expect neither. Their reward is in the happy completion of a job itself and the natural respect that it commands. These principles we believe set the grounds for students to become self-confident, independent and prepared to continue their development for the elementary years.

During these years, children are exposed to all learning tools which will allow them to become successful and complete human beings. All learning concepts and areas are presented through Montessori materials and though the Montessori approach. We enrich the learning experiences through: self-awareness, guided instruction, open structures, centers, oral presentations and cooperative works. We give the students time, materials and guidance to motivate and strengthen their interests and skills. The abilities of reasoning and higher thinking are essential on this level.

All programs are thematic and based on authentic subjects related to the outside world.

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