Friday, July 21, 2017
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Toddlers (1.4 – 2.3 yrs) & Twos (2.4 - 3.3 yrs)

"The development of the child during the first three years after birth is unequaled in intensity and importance by any period that precedes or follows in the whole life of the child." - Maria Montessori


In the toddlers and two´s program many children are experiencing the first separation from their primary care giver. Care is given to assist the young child and parent in handling separation and in making this a positive and healthy experience. Teachers support and guide toddlers in many different areas such as:

  • Helping to emerge their motor skills;
  • Modeling for their first social skills;
  • Facilitating their natural sense of exploration and curiosity;
  • Building the seeds for self confidence and independence;
  • Aiding in the potty training process;
  • Focusing on fundamental language and communication skills;
  • Learning all the pre-skills that will be developed in the preschool program.
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