Ficus Tree School Teacher 08

Kathleen Doyle


Who is my child’s teacher?

Hi! My name is Kathleen Doyle. I’m a 27 year old United States native living in Playa Hermosa. Although I’m from the USA, I grew up in France and was raised attending bilingual schools throughout my youth. From these experiences, I have a strong understanding of both the challenges and rewards that come with learning within an international school system. I studied at Florida State University, am an alumni of the International TEFL Academy (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), as well as a Registered Yoga Teacher.

I’m passionate about education, children, traveling, and when I’m not at school you can find me surfing, exercising with my dogs, or exploring our beautiful community.

I’m also a part of Ficus Tree School’s Community Enrichment Program, teaching English as a second language to adults in the area.

My objectives in the classroom include developing, in each child, a positive attitude toward school, fostering critical- as well as emotional- intelligence within each student, and helping each child develop self-confidence as an independent learner. I strive to help each child sharpen the habits, attitudes, skills, appreciations and ideas which are essential to a lifetime of learning!

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