Shilenne Coronado


Who is my child’s teacher?

     Hello!  My name is Shilenne Coronado and I’m a native Costa Rican, but at the age of 5, my parents moved us to the U.S.   I lived there for 35 years making English my first language and Spanish …..very difficult!

I moved back to my beautiful country 11 years ago, and was a tourist in my own home.  I wasn’t even sure of what I would do for work because of my lack of Spanish. I attended trade school to become a licenced tour guide (what better way to get acquainted with Costa Rica) and found that my fellow Ticos were hungry to learn to speak proper English.  Having a TESL certificate, I started teaching and tutoring and found a new interest in my life.

This is my first year as a full time English teacher and just fell in LOVE with my young students and their eagerness to learn about life.

I can relate to a 5 year old who’s learning to speak a second language and incorporate my memories of that as I teach.



Our daily schedule may look like this, weather and moods permitting ;):


Daily Schedule (Monday through Friday)

7:30   Students use the restroom and line up at class door

7:40   Routine: We go over days of the week and date.  Chit chat about the evening before events and just share what’s on our minds.

8:10   We have either English, PE or music class, depending on day.

8:50   We have math or science, depending on day and all in English

9:15   Breakfast and recess

9:45  Student’s wash their hands and line up

10:00   Reading, English or art, depending on day and mood 🙂

10:30   Free time:  Students are encouraged to learn how to play together

11:00   Spanish class with a real Spanish teacher, not Teacher Shilenne!

11:35   Lunch

12:15   Students brush their teeth and line up for class

12:30   Resume math or science, depending on day

1:20     Last recess

1:45    Student’s wash their hands and line up

2:00     Story time, either books or videos/Pack up for the day

2:30    Class dismissed


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