Open Enrollment 2024

Matrícula Abierta 2024


«Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.» Malcon X

 About us


  • Making a Difference in each child´s life by exposing them to rich life experiences that will make them grow into self-sufficient, confident, respectful and respected human beings.
  • Making a Difference in each child´s growth so that each one of them can discover their own dignity, autonomy and identity.
  • Making a Difference in each child´s potential so they can discover by themselves their true passions, abilities and gifts through self-confidence and independence.

Meet Our Staff 2024

Lic. Virginia Carias

General Director

Lic. Luis Segura

Academic Principal

Vanessa Rodríguez

Administrative Assistant and Computer Teacher

Jean Carlos Solórzano

7th and 8th grade Natural Science Teacher

Arianne Vargas

7th and 8th grade Spanish Teacher

David Mena

7th and 8th grade Social Studies and Civics Teacher

Wendy Herrera

4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades Mathematics Teacher

Sydney MacNeil

5th and 8th grade English Teacher

Shane Doherty

6th and 7th grade English Teacher

María Alvarado

5th and 6th grade Elementary Teacher

Nora Violet Le Grange

3rd and 4th grade English Teacher

Karla Viales

3rd and 4th grade Elementary Teacher

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1st and 2nd grade English Teacher

Katherine Urbina

1st and 2nd grade Elementary Teacher

Adam Keeble

Preparatory Teacher

Nancy Villalobos

Preparatory Spanish Teacher

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Kinder and Prekinder Spanish Teacher

Gloria Mayorga

Spanish Nursery Teacher

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Nursery Teacher's Assistant

Junior Rodríguez

Elementary and High School PE Teacher

Luis Arostegui

Preschool PE Teacher

Ivonne Lobo

Music Teacher

Gloriana Monge

Arts, Values, and Speech Therapy Teacher

Hellen Godínez

Maintenance and Decoration