“Be The Change You Want To See In The World” Mahatma Gandhi


Ficus Tree School


At Ficus Tree School we have an educational program from Nursery to Sixth Grade, where we teach children between the ages of one and a half to 12 years old.

As a bilingual school, we focus our teaching of English and Spanish equally, making individual accommodations to meet the requirements of parents and offer personalized attention so that each student can achieve what they need to aspire.

A bilingual school is an excellent option, especially when children enter at a young age, when learning is much more effective and information is absorbed like a sponge. 

Our educational program consists of teaching specialized classes in different areas, applying both languages in the teaching process. We complement these learning areas with activities in favor of the development of well rounded social skills in the children, such as music, art, sports clubs, crafts, trips, family day and more.

Development of languages in the educational program

The areas of science, mathematics, and art are taught entirely in English, the physical education class is given in both languages (Spanish and English), while music and social studies classes are only in Spanish, thus complying with the regulations of the Ministry of Education.

Each classroom has a teacher who is in charge of teaching the programed content of each level, as well as the respective assistant, so that both languages are taught equally.

At Ficus Tree School we have the advantage that each classroom is mixed, so there are children who know English as their first language, and others who speak Spanish, in this way, children can help each other and expand the range of learning. This makes teaching not only be teacher to student, but all are cooperating to achieve real education.

Several of our teachers are native speakers of the United States, so we ensure the learning of the English language in high quality, as well as Spanish speaking teachers for the correct knowledge of Spanish.

One of the highlights of our school is that we do not teach academic English since we focus on teaching social English, where children are continually learning the languages; since they go to the institution, they will be receiving instructions, phrases, and greetings in English.

Even in their breaks, when they are in the playground or the cafeteria, they are always listening to instructions in both languages, according to the needs of the children.

By specializing in personalized attention, each teacher is aware of which child needs the English or Spanish language; in recesses or meals, the staff is attentive to the needs of children.

Our class schedules range from 7:30 a.m. to 2:40 p.m., including three recesses a day (2 in the morning shift and 1 after lunch). In the case of children at the maternal, pre-kinder, and kinder levels, we plan a nap after lunch.


Our Mission

We are a private, bilingual education center with an Innovative Education Project, offering grades preschool through primary.

We have a responsibility to our students and families to provide children with an integrative development, strong values, and the reinforcement of study habits, work, and coexistence to form an excellent academic and personal life, and preparing to make goals for future study and life.

Our vision

To be the first choice for families in Costa Rica, guaranteeing excellence in academics, emotional maturity, and education in values necessary for the future of children in a modern world. A school recognized socially for its quality education, results, and constant innovation and openness to society.