High School

The educational programs at Ficus Tree School are designed so that each student can fully develop both academically and personally, which is a fundamental part of our programs.

Our goal is to help them become individuals of integrity, who are motivated to reach their full potential. With a methodology of work in English-Spanish, thus achieving a comprehensive education of our students. In addition, our pedagogical team works continuously to update and adapt to the new educational needs that students may present.


High School

At Ficus Tree School we offer our students a rigorous, high-quality educational program, where we include creative, stimulating, challenging and enjoyable activities and curricula.

Thanks to the variety of activities we offer, our students can develop their physical, emotional and social skills, as we provide them with a pleasant place to go every day to learn, have fun and develop as a person.

What a great advantage that they can be bilingual!

The curriculum at a glance

Our regular curriculum has academic areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, English, Art, Computing, Robotics, Chess, and Physical Education.

We reinforce the first language that the student has, avoiding spelling mistakes and mispronunciation of words, in addition to promoting the learning of a second language because we are an institution certified as bilingual before the Ministry of Public Education.

In addition to our regular curriculum, we also offer extracurricular achievement classes to support students’ interests and abilities.

Extracurricular classes

  • Swimming
  • Soccer tournaments
  • Chess tournaments

Secondary presents a regular schedule from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm