Childhood is the best stage to learn a non-native language. It is easier for a child than for an adult since children have a more developed learning capacity.
That is why the educational programs at Ficus Tree School are designed so that each child can fully develop their academic goals and understanding, which is a fundamental part of our programs.

The way in which our educational programs have been developed serves as an academic foundation to prepare our students to advance to primary school.

While we are committed to preparing our students academically, we also recognize the importance of their social and emotional development. Our goal is to help them become complete individuals who are motivated to reach their maximum potential.

We teach English with a different work methodology, promoting the integral education of our students. Also, our pedagogical team continually works to adapt to the new educational needs of children.

Elementary School

At Ficus Tree School we offer our students an academically rigorous elementary school program, where we include creative, stimulating and enjoyable activities and curricula.

Thanks to the varied amount of activities, our students can develop their physical, emotional, and social skills, as we provide them with a comfortable place to go every day so they can learn all the necessary subjects.

We are proud to instill in our students a greater thirst for learning as they prepare successfully for middle school and high school.

What a great advantage they will have to be bilingual!

Studies have confirmed that it is much easier for people to learn another language when they are still children, so do not waste these valuable years that can be very useful for your child.

The Curriculum at a Glance

Our regular curriculum has areas of Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences, Spanish, and Physical Education.

We develop the mathematical operations and all the relevant content that has been stipulated within the program, as well as the development of the topics with dynamic activities that facilitate the teaching/learning of the languages.

In addition, extracurricular activities are also carried out that are of interest to children.

Some of these activities are related to enrichment classes, art, dance, Spanish, and sports, where the corporal movements and their respective instructions in English and Spanish are involved.

The primary objective of our educational program is to ensure that our students are well prepared to function in secondary education, using the language they have planned to learn.

We reinforce the first language, avoiding misspelling and mispronunciation of the words, encouraging the learning of both languages, as every bilingual school should do.

In addition to our regular curriculum, we also offer enrichment classes to support your child’s extracurricular interests.

Enrichment Classes

  • Art
  • Robotics
  • Spanish
  • Sports
  • Computer

After School Care

We offer after-school care service, helping parents who need a safe place to provide fun and learning to their children.

This service is in the hours between 2:40 pm to 3:40 pm, at no additional cost, where a teacher is responsible for directing various creative and dynamic activities so that children can have fun with their peers.

Schedule: The schedule for the school day is from 7:30 am to 2:40 pm


Extended Hours (Sports)

The school will offer sports after school hours Monday through Thursday from 2:40 pm to 3:40 pm for the preschool and elementary levels, encouraging socialization among students outside of a classroom and promoting the use of the languages they are studying.